Episode 1: Cakes – The Showstopper

The End

There are no words for how full I (Babs) was. This was my dinner. It’s 1pm the following day. I am still full.

Study This was the first step of the journey. How do you make truffles?

Damn easy as it turns out. In saying this, you should chill them, so when you dip them in white chocolate they don’t melt. Ergo I dripped white chocolate on top. This meant they looked drippy, which became the theme of my cake.

The Truffles

So I decided instead of the orange chocolate cake I had planned I’d make a chocolate chocolate cake – this worked with the show as it happened though now I know what tempering is, I just melted mine… what a fool!

Truffle cake

I think it’s clear from this picture that Baby needs a cake stand, or a large plate. I’d already invested in a pyrex bowl, 2 cake tins and 700g of chocolate, so I guess the cake display items will just have to wait.

And then we sat down to enjoy the show!

Cake Cake Cake


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