I (Babs) have a sweet tooth (the least shocking revelation ever) and last night I felt like something sweet. Now I could have popped along to the shop like a normal person but I’m in the middle of a baking revolution! Given that I’ve spent the last day or two comparing various floating island recipes, I wanted some caramel. Not just caramel. I wanted butterscotch. And I had all 3 ingredients sugar, water, butter. Well nearly all 3 ingredients. The recipe called for demerara sugar, I had dark brown sugar. Dark brown sugar that I never use. It also asks for unsalted butter and I only had salted but we all know salted caramel is great, so that couldn’t be too bad.

Naturally I took the unknown step into butterscotch making.

It’s ridiculously easy. Though you do need a sugar thermometer, don’t know who owns it, but there was one in my flat.

150ml (1/4 pint) water

450g (1lb) demerara sugar

50g (2oz) unsalted butter

Put the water and sugar on a low heat so it melts together.

Sugar Water begins to boil

Boil it till it reaches 270F (132C)

Really Boil It!

As it’s boiling you can take a pastry brush and brush water round the edges of the pot.

While you’re waiting for for this, time to grease whatever tin you’re using. A tin. Greased.

I was paranoid that that my spring form tin would seep butterscotch so I greased a baking sheet underneath, just in case.

Look at it there, all paranoid.

Look at it there, all paranoid.

Add the butter a little at a time making sure it’s melting (yeah I know, it’s going into boiling caramel, obviously it melts very quickly).

Pour into beloved greased tin.


The bits at the side are the most important. They were the result of scraping the remainder from the pot onto the available paper, and it cooled more quickly so I got to eat it sooner. Also I got to eat it while it was warm and still a bit soft. It was soooooo yummy.

As I chewed on caramel my super athletic flatmate enjoyed a protein shake. I took a picture that highlights the difference of our evening. And medically speaking may provide supporting documentation for why only one of us will have diabetes in later years.

So different and yet living in harmony

So different and yet living in harmony

The recipe said cut when slightly solid but not solid. I ignored this and beat the bejaysus out of it with a wooden spoon when it was hard.

Very satisfying!

It did the job, even if it did taste a bit like butterscotch that’s been smoking 40 a day for a few years (or I just made  Treacle Toffee, or something that tastes exactly like it). I was thinking of blending the remainder to have toffee-smokey-dust for a future dessert. But I’m sitting here gnawing on it while blogging instead.


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