Episode 3: Desserts – The Showstopper

I (Aodh) am not going to relate half of my contribution to this week’s incitement-to-obesity since part of my practice involved throwing boiling passion fruit juice, cream and white chocolate into a pot, then running away from it because shut up that’s why and I know that anyone following this is here for the recipes and not the Monica’s-overthought-undermanaged-catering-for-Carol’s-lesbian-wedding-style cooking disasters and highly specific application of Friends references.

It was a sesame tuile with white chocolate and passion fruit ganache.

One of the tuiles looked like Ireland.

photo (15)

The other petit four I made was chili chocolate cake with salted caramel buttercream; the idea was to take some savoury touches and make a dessert of them. For the cake, I used a recipe from Jane Spice Make Taste., which is is both a website name you can dance to and a website whose owner’s name is Jane Spice and who writes about cooking with spices (“Sure, if you name a kid that, what do you expect them to grow up to be? – Joey, The One With All The Jealousy)


I followed the recipe very closely but when it came to baking I split the mixture across two tins and baked it for 12 minutes, when the fork came away cleanly. The cakes had a browniesque texture to them; I was ploughing a new furrow with my baking of this cake so I’m mostly glad it wasn’t suppurating.

The buttercream sauce was a Nigella classic in so far as I ate some double cream directly from the carton while making it.


I followed the recipe closely again but had bought some mascarpone as an emergency thickener which I needed because I was down to the wire with this one too. I used it to sandwich and then dab (technical term!) on top.

Here is a picture (ignore the foreground,  it didn’t actually happen)

photo (16)

They were the best thing I made so far – very measured in sweetness, the chocolate coming through gradually and the chili making itself known like a Chandler inflection at the end.

Two things I learned from this bake: I learned that the ‘r’ in ‘mascarpone’ comes between the ‘a’ and the ‘p’, not the ‘a’ and the ‘s’, which is almost as big as that time when I discovered the word was ‘itinerary’, not ‘itinery’; and always buy unsalted butter because salt is added to butter to mask the impurities.

I am sorry for the brevity of this post but I’m like a cartoon of tiredness that a coffee company would commission in a dystopian future where on one side there is the governmentally-supported coffee-pushers and on the other side there’s like these anti-coffee, pro-sleeping-more herbalists who are ineffective because they have trouble organising.

And tomorrow I get to do it all again!


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