Filo Pastry

It nearly broke me (Babs). No joke. I searched and searched for a recipe. Found one online, but only one… that’s crazy. Then I went onto youtube and at least I had some chance. Now I tried every book, then found a pastry book. No joke, the book suggested buying filo pastry. Every other type they gave you the recipe.

So I was nervous. And I didn’t own a rolling pin which didn’t help matters. Luckily I live with a man that owns a pasta maker. So I decided to make this recipe

and I followed these instructions

There was a slight issue that the recipe said cook for an hour and the recipe that I used for the filling (which used bought filo) said cook for 20 minutes. To be honest. I’m still traumatised by the whole process. But in the end it tasted lovely. It looked “rustic” (really un appetising) but it really tasted lovely.

One of my friends (who made filo pastry once when 10 years ago) said when I told her what I was making this week “you can do it Babs, but you’ll never do it again, believe me”.

She was right. So if you want to make filo, go buy it, feckit there are better things to do with your time! But the filling was chill, butternut squash, spinage and onion. So the crowd was happy.

Look pictures!



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