Making tuile. I (Babs) thought it would be really difficult and then I read a recipe and thought, this won’t be difficult at all.

It was difficult.

The night before the bake off I had a call asking me to work in Liverpool (I’m based in London) the next day. A day that I had off, so suddenly Tuile making, including a dash to the supermarket had to happen starting at 11pm.  As the night wore on I cared less and less about Tuile shapes and more about how fast the fast train to Liverpool is. Also, in case anyone is wondering, I didn’t see Paul. Yes I was disappointed.

I used a recipe from BBC

The mousse was really simple and undoubtedly the best part, well the vanilla cream was good with the mousse and needed because it was so chocolatey. And who doesn’t love a load of raspberries with anything?!

Reading through the recipe I realised I needed to use a million bowls to get the ingredients ready and to create the different components. Image

I then read the section on how to make the tuile.

“For the tuile, you will need six small round biscuit cutters. Roll one of the cutters along its side onto a piece of thick card, one complete turn, to gauge its circumference. Cut a long thin rectangle the size of the cutter out of the card to leave a rectangular-shaped hole. Now cut a circle-shaped hole from the card (the same size as the cutter) from the centre of the cutter.”

That sounded waaayyy too difficult, so I thought I’ll just make a massive tuile and place it over a bowl and then have a bowl to place all the mousse in. This took a few attempts, in fact it didn’t turn out too badly once the mousse was placed in it the day after. It probably could have done with more time in the oven, but well you know the way; it was late. That night as I stared at the 3 ‘bowls’ and took a picture I was really unsure this recipe was going to work. I even thought if I got home a bit earlier I could have another go. – I was crazy I barely made the bake off.


As I looked at the tuiles (I use the term lightly) I was sure I’d seen them sone where before, then I remembered… didn’t one of these play Bette Midler‘s ‘book’ in Hocus Pocus???

When I got home, wrecked. I just picked the rectangular bowl and placed the mousse in it, vanilla cream on top and then the raspberries. The finished product didn’t look so bad (in the sense that it didn’t immediately evoke the image of a book from the devil made from human flesh, not by actual presentation standards).



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