Puff Pastry

As I (Babs) searched for a recipe for this weeks challenge i was reminded I haven’t updated last weeks puff pastry. This is partly due to laziness and partly due to illness. As Aodh was away we decided to have a savoury and a sweet dish. This screamed salmon en croute. Only problem seemed to be the user comments of every recipe said they were bland. So I got creative. I found a maple mustard glaze recipe. As the proud owner of a proper Canadian maple syrup, bought on a proper Maple farm, this was the recipe for me. I cooked some onions and had them with it. And then I wrapped them all in the pastry I had made the night before. 

http://www.chow.com/recipes/29867-maple-mustard-grilled-salmon = the glaze

I also made a pomegranate and veg I have in my fridge salad, which was really lovely, if I do say so myself!



Getting puffed.



Photo not representative of delicious taste…



Hands trembling with excitement



Oven ready


                                                                           Fin               (does not contain fin)          


And now to search for something to make tomorrow!


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