Ball of Twine Girl… Meets Lemon Cake Disaster

This week I (Babs) made a dairy free cake. Somewhere in the translation of GBBO voice over to Babs’ brain I missed the vegetable part of this bake. So there were no vegetables in my cake. Which is a pity because I happen to know (and live with) a gal that makes a mean beetroot cake. So I made THE WORST CAKE OF MY LIFE. I mean this. I went to the internet, to get an American recipe (After my weighing scales broke I’ve been left dependent on the internet and American recipes – it’s all about the cups) and found a lemon cake. As I made it I did think there was an enormous amount of flour in the recipe. When I tasted the mix I thought it tasted very floury and then I looked at the time (19:20) and thought quick bake, bake you don’t want to miss the show…
Why I rushed is beyond me. The boys were both away, I could have watched it on catch up… but rush I did and the result was a terrible floury (not flowery which would have been delightful) cake. I sat alone, with the most minging cake I’ve ever eaten, never mind created and watched a show about vegetable cakes… I felt like the ball of twine girl… I think the video says it all.

This is a sad cake, made all the more toxic by yellow food colouring.

photo 1 copy photo 2 copy

This is what cheered me up. Using the remaining frozen raspberries from the raspberry swirls, I made a raspberry cake and then loaded white chocolate buttons on top.

photo 1 photo 3


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