Soggy Bottoms and Cherry on Top

On this page we choose the ‘Soggy Bottom’ and ‘Cherry on Top’ moments of each Episode of The Great British Bake Off2013. Perhaps you have your own ‘Soggy Bottom’ or ‘Cherry on Top’ moment to share?

Episode Eight (One for the Allergists):

Soggy Bottom: You know that we LOVE Dame Mary but I think… bit harsh on poor old Francis. Does anyone else get the feeling that the judges just don’t like Francis…?

Also Christine is gone… nooooo whyyyyyyy?

Cherry on Top: In case you missed it, this one flew by:

Christine: Oh the little knob’s fallen out

Sue’s face:

 Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 22.47.25

Episode Seven: (Pastry)

Soggy Bottom: Quite simply that next week is the quarter final – where has the time gone? (Our bellies. The answer is, our bellies).

Cherry on Top: “Lazer eyes berry” and Glenn saying “I hope they eat their words” as Mary and Paul look on horrified at his pastry technique:


Episode Six: (Sweet dough)

Soggy Bottom: Ruby being down. Even Mary seemed to be getting sick of it.

Cherry on Top: Christine. (Christine was born to be a cherry on top).

Episode Five (Biscuit and Tray Bake):

Soggy Bottom: Robert trying to make Dame Mary eat glue. It’s not called the Great British Glue-off, Robert!

Cherry on Top: I was told to put down the thing Kimberly said about tuiles and indeed this was a funny moment- however… I think that this week should go to Rebecca giving Glenn a little bit of advice on how to make his macarons stick. Very useful advice that indicates to us both Rebecca’s clear knowledge of baking tricks, not to mention something that truly captures the essence of the programme. Rebecca, we salute you!

Episode Four (Pies and Tart):

Soggy Bottom: Mary’s deranged-marionette kneading technique.

Cherry on Top: Mary’s response-by-way-of-an-8-minute-long-stare to Pie-tagoras.

Episode Three (Dessert):

Soggy Bottom:  There were gasps, groans and um… gasps as two people left. It was made all the more meaningful because we actually liked one of the bakers voted off. But we’re not telling you which one.

Cherry on top: “There’s quite a calfy smell, coming off there, Jean, and I’m not going to lie to you” – Mel on traditional jelly in the historical throw-back. (Henry gagged).

Episode Two (Bread): 

 Soggy Bottom: Mary having a hoarse voice – someone give her a hot toddy and a blanket – seriously BBC!
 Also a runner up for Soggy Bottom this week: The ugliest non-octopus octopus that ever existed.

Cherry on Top:  ‘I loved when Sue elbowed yer man’s muffin – it ruined his muffin’  (Babs on Sue ruining Howard’s Muffin)

Episode One (Cakes):

Soggy Bottom: The Soggy Bottom must have been all the knife wounds doing the rounds in the tent. Some of those adults needed adult supervision; or alternatively to calm the fig down.

Cherry on Top: A very imaginative Giant Jam Sandwich from Frances (I had to go to Wikipedia to find out who made this: we can’t be expected to learn all their names just after one episode, after all?!)

Others: What were your soggy bottom moments?


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