The Pantry

These very tiny and beautifully crafted sweets made their way to Henry’s office from Japan last week. Though beautiful sadly they didn’t have much of a taste – or maybe you need a refined Japanese palate to enjoy them. But they were very pretty.

This is where we (and you) can post recipes not to do with baking, including reviews of our favourite dishes and places to eat.


This is a sweet potato gratin from Huge Funny Knittingstall and it was absolutely delicious. It’s basically lots of sliced sweet potato, garlic, double cream, chilli powder and peanut butter, layered, and shoved in the oven. Really simple to make, and insanely yummy… thanks, Huge!


This is a really yummy snack. Rice-cakes, Asparagus (hee hee, ass) in butter, cottage cheese all topped with hazelnuts… oh, and some caramelized onion underneath. Can you say – jealous – we thought so.

1186816_10100647788757947_354289759_n 1239004_10100647788972517_496595590_n

Now, these two pictures are somewhat related (can you even guess the link?) but the first was not bought in the second – wait, I know, that does defy the montage… Anyway, the first was a big boat of fish bought on Broadway Market (yum). The second was just a Fish Bar on a street in London (Henry can’t remember where, and it was only taken a few days ago!). Henry took the photo because he thought that the ‘branding’ or ‘identity’ (that’s marketing speak, dontcha know) looked a little confused – can you guess why? If you can’t you’re clearly not smart enough to read our blog…


(This is a pea risotto from a Milanese Trattoria, enjoyed by Henry in July, 2013. It was particularly salty, which Henry generally doesn’t enjoy, but was a wicked colour of green).

Barbecued Mackerel

Early one morning, returning from a club Babs thought “5am… that’s when billingsgate fish market is open”. Babs doesn’t live near billingsgate, but drunkenly she hopped onto a bus and over an hour later, there she was. Being drunk at a fish market is a strange experience, but the result is mackerel. Lots and lots of mackerel (and some sea bream). This was her first foray into the world of filleting, cutting, deboning and cooking mackerel.

And she’s hungry for more…

which is fortunate

What's this? This is a freezer drawer full of fish.

What’s this? This is a freezer drawer full of fish.


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