The Village Green

This is the place where you can submit your baking photos! A place for the entire village to congregate and share their love of baking (and that special twinkle in Mel’s eye). We’re not creepy. No. Not at all.

This Week’s entry is a lovely marmalade and apple cake by Francesca Vinter that disappeared once the office floor e-mail went about. At least we managed to get the first slice.


This Week’s Village Green Contributor is Eliza Barrow of the famous Eliza’s Larder Blog:

Eliza isn’t afraid of a power jacket or a power cake, and her blog is full of lots of yummy recipes and reviews. She recently sent us a picture of a chocolate cake, adorned with chocolate fingers, which she now has an infinite supply of (well, nearly infinite). I think you’ll agree the cake looks delicious, and you’ll share our annoyance that neither you nor we got to taste any of it. Thanks, Eliza. Yeah. Thanks a bunch!



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